Matt Himler

Associate Architect
Project Manager

Matt started with Blackburn Architects in 2010, left for graduate school and returned in 2016.

Matt has taken on increasingly complex responsibilities over seven years of professional experience. He has led design teams as they developed drawings from concept design through construction documents, created master plans and produced presentations and renderings.

“When I turned 14 I was told to find a job, so I started working in a restaurant. I give my mom and dad a ton of credit for pushing me. Early on I learned to balance friends, life and work. John has allowed me to take on a lot of responsibility. That’s huge, and particularly relevant to why I came back after finishing at Clemson. I’m encouraged to try things. I’ve been allowed to make mistakes so that I can improve. It’s how I’m learning and growing professionally. When there’s a level of mutual respect, you really feel motivated each day.

The ambitiousness of my colleagues who are young architects suggests an exciting future for the profession. Growing out of our educational backgrounds that expose us to some of the more complex social and cultural challenges of our world, young professionals are finding new ways to innovate. Sustainable practice models are one example. You can also start to look at what it means to build sustainably, beginning with our post-war, and even more recent, building stock and how you can repurpose these buildings to avoid throwing the material in a landfill. Simply using green materials in a new building misses the bigger picture. We aren’t there yet, but these societal challenges inspire me.”

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Taren Stewart

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Matt Himler

Associate Architect, Project Manager

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