One Last Note on HR 6598

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Since my post on H.R. 6598, the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act of 2008, I’ve received several comments from those of you in the equestrian community who express concern that the legislation is unrealistic and misguided. Recently, a colleague forwarded a very interesting article by Joe Scott for the St. Louis Dispatch on this very controversial topic. It seems that many feel the problem is rooted in romantic ideals that assert it’s best to protect the horses and save them from the throes of the slaughterhouse. It is argued that many of these horses invariably suffer a much worse fate: being shipped across U.S. borders in horrific conditions to meet even crueler deaths.

Many feel that if U.S. slaughterhouses were still open and regulated by the government to sanction humane killings, the equestrian community would suffer less economic distress. After all, under an operating U.S. slaughterhouse market, horse owners could receive compensation for horses they no longer use due to age, injury, or otherwise. But is that really the best we can do? It’s true that this law prevents owners from easily ridding themselves of horses they no longer deem fit for whatever reason. But, as many of you point out, where is the responsibility?

Practicing responsible breeding is essential as well as demanding standards of ownership. So please, write to your congressmen about the high prices of euthanasia and cremation services. Speak out against over-breeding. Donate to rescue facilities and support organizations like CANTER. This isn’t about whether or not the horse dies—but how it dies. If it cannot be retired or adopted, then humane euthanasia must occur. Please don’t accept the inhumane treatment and slaughtering of horses for human consumption. The animals that work so hard for us deserve better.

Thanks for all of your comments and insight. I realize this affects all of you in different ways and there is no easy solution.

Here’s a link from the Humane Society:https://community.hsus.org/ct/Vd2NUsE12mJ8/

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2 responses to “One Last Note on HR 6598”

  1. weisscrow says:

    How can anyone in good conscience no matter their logic effectively steal a persons private property without just compensation. Horse value is comprised of multiple components: function, age and salvage value. Not allowing horses to be slaughtered lowers their value across the board. This in affect is stealing from horse owners. Who will stand up to this blatent attack on property rights in America?

    Humane treatment is the standard, there are already cruelty to animal statutes, enforces those. Why take jobs from Americans and lower horse values? If they are worth less then they will be taken care of less as well. Will you be satisfied when the entire species is extinct or only in zoos? Why empower this type of facist regulation? If a person wants to dictate what another does with his property, should he be compensated for the property loss. Isnt a better solution simply to purchase those animals in a BUY BACK program and then dispose of them as you wish? Is this really govt’s role.
    Arent humans animals too? Dont we owners have any rights? Why would you trample on our rights in order to preserve and protect supposed rights of another species. Sick and perverse, but more importantly UNCONSTITUTIONAL. What is next? First it is horses, then cows, sheep, pigs and next your houses and land? Time to stand up drag these law makers who have no concern for the constitution out and give them a good shake up.

  2. Ryan says:

    Weisscrow, if your going to use that logic, than taxes are stealing too.

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