Washington International Horse Show

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Every October, my staff and I look forward to attending the Washington International Horse Show at the Verizon Center in downtown Washington, D.C.  This year, the show—which runs October 21st through the 26th—is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The show features events like the $100,000 President’s Cup Grand Prix, free pony rides for kids, a saddlebred exhibition with Carson Kressley, and terrier races.

Not the greatest image, but dressage from 2007

Not the greatest image, but dressage from 2007

As an advocate of architectural vernacular, nothing seems so out of context as stabled horses on F and 6th Streets in downtown Washington outside the Verizon Center during the show. It’s right by the Metro exit, so people leave the station and are greeted by horses milling around on the busy street where cars and buses usually dominate. There are a lot of gawking pedestrians and excited kids, and it’s definitely a sight to see if you haven’t.

My staff and I are grateful to be able to hop on the Metro and arrive at the show a few minutes later. But I know a lot of attendees won’t be from the Washington area, so please know that we’d be happy to meet you at the show or suggest one of our favorite places to eat or visit between events. While the WIHS is celebrating its 50th anniversary, Blackburn Architects is celebrating our 25th, so please stop by and let us show you around our new studio a block from the Dupont Circle Metro stop.

Bloggers, have you attended the WIHS in the past? Are you planning to attend this year? How many of you have performed in the show or participate as a vendor?

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2 responses to “Washington International Horse Show”

  1. jjdicarlo says:

    I will be there! I have attended the show since 1976. Back then, it was held at the Capital Center (no longer existent), things were very relaxed and it was common practice to park in the barn area and walk in to the stadium for free! None of the staff checked that you were in the correct seat back then. It was a rude awakening one day for me to have to pay.

    I have never performed as a competitor, nor as a vendor. But I do love to visit the vendors. Also, I’ve visited your impressive website! Love looking at the phenomenal work you guys have done.

  2. jjdicarlo–

    I knew your screen-name was familiar when I replied to you earlier. It just dawned on me that I’ve often read your blog! I apologize for not mentioning it before. I’m new in the blog world and am still playing catch up half the time.

    Readers, check out her blog (though I’m sure you have already):



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