Ketchen Place Farm: a Recently Completed Barn

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We recently completed a project in Rock Hill, South Carolina that turned out particularly well. Ketchen Place Farm, a new 20-stall, shed-row style barn, which includes a studio apartment above for the observation of foals, wraps around three sides of a courtyard that, after landscaping is complete, will double as a small sand training paddock and area to show horses. The project uses simple materials of concrete block and wood—yet the result is clean, functional, and unique. It’s definitely the type of project that proves that having a strict budget shouldn’t limit the aesthetic or function. Future design plans include a separate 4-bay garage with a two-bedroom, two-bath residence above. In the meantime, we hope that their new barn is a happy home for the owner’s horses as well as the horses that they board.

Ketchen at Night

Stall view

View from the corner

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3 responses to “Ketchen Place Farm: a Recently Completed Barn”

  1. jjdicarlo says:

    Ooooo! Very, very snappy! I love how you can easily see all the horses standing from afar. Granted, certainly doesn’t take the place of doing a one-by-one night check on the horses but would give you such a quick answer to where the trouble might be if you heard someone thrashing. What are the outside facing walls made of? And are we able to see in so clearly because it is open or is there some mesh that I’m just not able to see in the picture?

  2. Thanks for the compliments, jjdicarlo. For this project we use concrete block up to four feet high with four feet of metal grate above. I think it works very well for visibility across the field and with the overall aesthetic of the barn. And, perhaps best of all, it’s cost-effective in a warm southern climate.


  3. jjdicarlo says:

    Sounds easy to maintain as well — can easily be powerwashed and is built to last!

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