Build-On: Converted Architecture and Transformed Buildings

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Hello readers,

I have some exciting news to share with you today. One of our projects, the New River Bank Barn, was a part of a just-released book from Gestalten, a Berlin-based publishing house. Build-On: Converted Architecture and Transformed Buildings is a collection of adaptive reuse architectural projects from across the globe. All of the projects showcase transformative design that provides a structure with a new use (and a new life).


As I’ve probably mentioned before, to me, there’s no satisfaction greater than “saving” an old building from demolition. Whether it’s an old warehouse, a bank, or a bank barn, adaptive reuse allows an architect to turn a building on its head—so to speak—and design something new and different. What was once a post office is now a restaurant. A worn out railway station becomes a public library. A barn that once stored hay is where your grandchildren comfortably sleep during overnight visits. In other words, a worn out structure is reborn.

I feel privileged to be a part of such an interesting group of projects and among my peers in architects—many of whose work I greatly admire. Below is the Blackburn page from the book, which is available through book retailers, the publisher’s Web site, and—of course, Amazon (where seemingly everything under the sun can be found).

Build-On BBarch Page

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  1. Octo Viansa says:

    so how to converted building as book said ? It’s nice ebook.

  2. […] deference and assertion. Several examples of this alchemy appear in the projects illustrated in Build-On. Unfortunately, the book’s enthusiasm is diluted somewhat by the sheer number of examples […]

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