Sustainable Architecture

Architecture is by its nature often a wasteful process. Demolition and new construction can result in the misuse and waste of numerous resources. Buildings account for a third of all the energy used, half of all electricity used, and a third of all greenhouse gases produced in the United States. Architects can make an enormous contribution to changing the negative impact of our buildings.

For this reason, we work to find ways to cooperate with natural forces instead of competing with them. Our buildings are designed to reflect the architectural vernacular of a region, yet remain effectively “green” without sacrificing aesthetic beauty.

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Sustainable Equestrian Facilities

Ventilation is one of the most important considerations when designing a barn that is healthy for your animals. Upward, vertical ventilation reduces the risk of disease for horses by minimizing the amount of damp, stale, contaminated air in their stables. Designs that create this ventilation harness natural solar and wind power to effortlessly provide a strong interior current and upward movement of air in the barn.

Maximizing natural light is also an integral part of our sustainable design efforts in horse stables. Not only does relying on less electricity save money and energy, plentiful natural light fosters a healthy environment for owners and their horses. In addition, fewer electric lights reduce fire hazards. While eliminating electric lighting entirely is unrealistic, our designs use several techniques that make the most of natural light. The result is a healthy stable for your horses that is friendly to the environment and efficient for you.

Greenbarns: A pre-designed line from the equestrian experts at Blackburn

Greenbarns-HomeBy offering four pre-designed barn models, Blackburn Greenbarns® reduces the design fees associated with custom design. Our Greenbarns, which can be tweaked and modified (just ask us), use the same principles that make Blackburn Architects, P.C. the leading experts in equestrian design. Blackburn Greenbarns® are built to last and are priced to be fully functional and equipped, leaving no last minute hassles or issues to solve with your builder.

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Multifamily Residential Repairs & Restoration

Blackburn supports several multifamily residential complexes with architectural assistance to manage upgrades and repairs that enhance properties aesthetically and functionally. Blackburn has served as the architectural representative for owner’s associations and management companies, providing responsive, hands-on service, creative design, and technical expertise.

Our work provides architectural design, coordination, and management during façade repair, roof repair and replacement, HVAC and mechanical system upgrades, balcony installation and repair, water and fire damage mitigation, brick and mortar repair, window replacement, garage repairs, roof deck addition and repair, lobby and community space renovation, and other renovation projects.
With Blackburn, a dedicated and attentive Project Manager will personally oversee that all work to ensure it progresses responsibly, efficiently, and effectively.

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