Ian Kelly

Associate Architect, Senior Project Manager

Ian has been with Blackburn Architects since 2005.

Ian has contributed to and managed the initiation and execution of over 60 projects for Blackburn Architects. He received his Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Architecture and Master of Architecture degrees from Catholic University. During his time with Blackburn Architects, Ian has specialized in large-scale renovation, residential and commercial projects with special emphasis on equestrian design.

“My pursuit in architecture is of what would be best described as common sense building principles. Architects who are not only great designers, but who have embraced sustainable design. There’s something very practical that seems to have been lost in the 1,000s of years of construction technology. Go back to ancient Rome or Greece, study what they were doing, and you see very simple techniques used to control temperature, for instance. Building orientation, shape, size, mass: all were considered for very practical reasons. They didn’t just accidentally end up being that way. That’s why, for instance, adobe construction has super thick walls and tiny windows.

The nice part about the way John practices, and his take on sustainability, is that it’s pre-buzzword. It’s not green for the sake of being green because it’s a marketing gimmick. It’s the principles. They work. And once you’ve started there, and then if you make smart decisions during construction, then you’ve got yourself a good building which is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Good design, in my opinion, begins there.”

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Ian Kelly

Associate Architect,
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