Taren Stewart

Administrative Assistant

Taren joined Blackburn Architects in 2018. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Washington (2016), Taren took a dive into being a freelance designer of all mediums. She’s helped build websites, paint murals, create voice-overs for cartoons, and co-produced short films.
Fun fact: Taren was a gymnast, cheerleader, and a dancer for 18 years!

“In the dream dictionary, dreaming of architecture represents how you are building your life. You are the architect of how you plan to live.”

Amalie ElFallah

Staff Designer II

Isabella Rand

Staff Designer

Cristina Fontanesi

Staff Designer

Collin Maloney

Staff Designer

Zach Geimer

Staff Designer

Teresa Moser

Accounting Manager

John Blackburn

President & Senior Principal

Jinesh Jain

Staff Designer

Ian Kelly

Associate Architect,
Senior Project Manager

Carol Vanderbosch

Associate Architect, Project Manager