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Mention in “This Week in Tryon Horse County” Newsletter

“This Week in Tryon Horse County” is a weekly newsletter talking about horse-related events, activities, and news in Tryon County, NC. We were thrilled to see that Libbie Johnson mentioned Healthy Stables by Design in her newsletter this week. Check out the newsletter here or visit to learn more about the book.

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Feature in Equestrian Quarterly: “Let There Be Light”

This summer, Equestrian Quarterly has published an article discussing the elements of well-designed barns. The article features several equestrian architects, including John Blackburn. Check out the article to hear John’s thoughts on what make a well-planned facility, as well as to see a few photos from our assorted projects. There is even mention of John’s new book, Healthy Stables by Design, that will be coming out this fall.

Click here to access the article “Let There Be Light”.

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