Charlotte Valley Farm

South Worcester, New York

Situated in a picturesque valley in upstate New York, Blackburn Architects designed this nine-stall barn complex to rise dramatically within the landscape of a 464-acre certified organic farm. Arranged around the ruins of abandoned grain silos, the buildings take advantage of prevailing summer breezes and shelter the interior spaces from harsh winter conditions. The buildings are clad in galvanized corrugated metal with translucent sections for natural light.

When Blackburn was brought in by the owners, there were two existing silos on the property. An old dairy barn had burned and all that remained were the silos and a long corrugated metal milking shed. The owners wanted to keep as much of the original character of the property as possible so we reused the existing milking shed in our design for the equestrian facility.

Another special request of the owners was that they wanted an indoor arena but did not want to look out at a huge “box” blocking their view of the farm and the surrounding hills. Concern for heavy snows that can appear in late fall and last until early spring led us to design the new barn to work for all seasons. This request became the mainstay of Blackburn’s design approach. Good environmentally responsible site design is critical to the success of any horse farm and is a primary goal in our design philosophy.