This private farm was designed to blend appropriately with surrounding farmland. Our client wanted her barn to fit into the long lines of her beautiful property. Blackburn’s design team began with the idea of creating a distinct horizon – modern but with a warm feel. This led to design decisions emphasizing the length of the building while accentuating the vertical elements in the center tack room and second floor lounge spaces.

Turning into the farm, we designed an “entrance village”  – the vertical elements of the barn forming a distant focal point for the equestrian complex. The entry experience is accentuated by a water feature and a small bridge.  A small pond filters excessive runoff and protects the natural stream that borders the south side of the property. A large stone wall forms a reinforced base for a pre-existing earthen dam and outdoor riding arena.

Using stone and wood as the primary materials in the barn, we added steel accents in the Dutch stall doors and indoor arena. The stone is a local blend in brown and gray tones to complement the sho shugi ban charred cypress wood siding. Inside the barn, Douglas fir heavy timber framing and tongue and groove facing is finished in a light stain that contrasts with the exterior cladding. The siding will turn gray over time, but the burned character of the wood will always show through and protect the wood from deterioration.