Meadow Creek Farm

Blue Ridge Mountains, VA

In the spring of 2017, inquiries were made about designing a private horse facility in a mountainous region of western Virginia. The couple’s historic farm dated to the 1600s. They had recently started riding Rocky Mountain horses and dreamed of having their own stable and riding arena. Their farm came with two active streams, a pond and an old apple orchard.

Our clients wanted a facility to provide the highest level of care to the horses they loved.

Design inspiration came from the farm’s location just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, a majestic highland road winding through the mountains. Visitors enter Meadow Creek from the Parkway, above the west side of the farm.  Immediately, the view is of a lush green meadow leading down to a pond before disappearing into the trees beyond. During master planning, our team placed the barn and arena on the east side of the existing pond with paddocks between the pond and the farm entry drive.  Driving down the hill, approaching the barn from the north, you begin to take in the view of the indoor riding arena connected to the east side of the barn by an enclosed connecting link. The pond was enlarged to accommodate additional stormwater run-off from the new barn, with paddocks filtering the water.