A pre-designed line from the equestrian experts at Blackburn

Greenbarns-HomeBy offering four (with more to come!) pre-designed barn models, Blackburn Greenbarns® reduces the design fees associated with custom design. These four barn models, which can be tweaked and modified (just ask us), use the same principles that make Blackburn Architects, P.C. the leading experts in equestrian design in order to provide clients with the same standards of excellence at a stricter budget.

We want you to know you don’t have sacrifice the look, the functional quality, or the sustainability to get the savings. What makes Blackburn Greenbarns® an even better alternative is the efficiency planned into its design and building schedule. Once you have the plans for the Blackburn Greenbarns® model of your choice, hand them over to your local contractor—or use one of ours—and relax.

Blackburn Greenbarns® are built to last and are priced to be fully functional and equipped, leaving no last minute hassles or issues to solve with your builder.

Is it really that simple? We like to think so. Contact us for more information We’re here to help.