As usual, I am the last to know about the latest gossip. My wife and daughter, on the other hand, always seem to know the juiciest of rumors (though my wife usually sticks with political ones). This is how I came to “hear” that Madonna is rumored to have purchased Wild Ocean Farm in Bridgehampton from Kelly Klein (ex-wife of Calvin Klein). True or not, I’m sure the allegedly 30-acre property (according to Horse & Hound ) is nothing short of spectacular.

I’m just happy to see that the property will remain dedicated to horses as necessitated in the property’s terms of agreement. Of course, this is not a surprising settlement, given that Madonna is an avid rider herself. I hear her kids like to ride as well… ┬ábut that’s about all the gossip I can take for now. Either way, I’m sure the people at the Hampton Classic don’t mind the possibility of Madonna attending their next show.

Great pic of Madonna and horse from May 2006 Issue of W Magazine