Glenwood Farm: Ridgeway, SC

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Located on a hilly 250-acre site with two lakes, Glenwood Farm is designed of wood and stone to fit within the natural landscape. The covered arena and outdoor dressage arena with surrounding paddocks overlook a small pond. The 12-stall barn has two wash/groom stalls and service space that includes a tack room, feed room, tool/work space, and laundry as well as a lounge with a loft and office space. A separate service building stores bedding and hay. The farm is used for boarding private horses as well as for the family’s personal use.

Program 12-stall barn, covered arena, and service building

Completion 2008

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2 responses to “Glenwood Farm: Ridgeway, SC”

  1. anna holland says:

    I was wondering if you would ever consider doing a wedding at your farm? I am from Blythewood and drive past your beautiful farm all the time, and tell myself I am going to get married here one day. Passing it as I go see my beloved friend that passed away that is buried off Smallwood. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this.

    Anna Holland

    • admin says:

      To answer your question, Blackburn is an architecture firm that designs equestrian facilities as well as residences. We have designed barn conversions that have become wedding venues, but we do not have anything to do with events held at these facilities. Good luck with your search.

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