Beechwood Stables: Progress in MA, Part III

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This is probably the last set of photos I’ll share of Beechwood Stables in Massachusetts before we have a professional photographer shoot the project in its completion. (When the weather is a bit nicer so the buildings aren’t covered in snow!) I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out and hope our client feels the same. I’d also like to thank Marcus Gleysteen Architects, whom we teamed with; the builder, Kenneth Vona Construction, whose professionalism and craftsmanship is top-notch, as well as the team at Lucas Equine Equipment for their fabulous stall systems as usual. Beechwood Stables has a lot of high-end finishes and details that certainly shine though with this project. However, the truly important aspects of our design is what matter the most and remain true regardless of budget: protecting the health and safety of the riders and the horses who will soon inhabit the barn.

Thanks to the gracious owner and everyone involved in the design and construction of Beechwood Stables. A few details are provided in the caption each photo.

Main aisle of the barn with the hayloft bridge visible. Uses a large skylight, interlocking rubber brick for the flooring, granite curbs, drain basins, and plinths (column bases).

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9 responses to “Beechwood Stables: Progress in MA, Part III”

  1. Our company fabricated the skylights for this beautiful project. Would it be possible for me to photograph the skylight areas on this project? We have a printed design portfolio showing various designs that we distribute to architects as part of our binder, and show projects on our website. I plan to be in the area the week of June 25th if this is at all possible. I can be reached at 207-216-4509 should you wish to discuss.

  2. Julie Ferrari says:

    Simply stunning! I am in awe at this structure…when can i come to see it in person? Spectacular!

  3. amy bierbaum says:

    May I ask where in Massachusetts Beechwood Stables is located? It’s stunning.

  4. Alice Ortega says:

    The buildings are ‘BELISSIMO’. I loved also all that trees lining the sidewalk. Could you please give me the Landscape’s name and phone # so I will have them to plant some trees in front of my house?

  5. Diane Anton says:

    I am an architectural photographer. My work has been published in several magazines. I work with interior designers, builders, architects and furniture companies. I live in Weston and would be thrilled to photograph this project for you.
    I’m just curious, is Rhis a private or public barn?
    (I’m also looking for a new place for my daughter to ride)
    Regards ,
    Diane Anton
    617–4 29–9723

  6. Carrie says:

    OMG this is my dream barn/home…..You did a wonderful job, it is stunning!

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