The Method

“A thorough understanding of where you are starting and where you are going is the only way for a project to succeed.” -John Blackburn

I. Feasibility Study & Master Plan

We begin with this step because we believe it’s critical toward ultimately constructing your project. During this phase, we collect technical and quantitative data from the environment and thoroughly investigate both your short- and long-term goals. The master plan, an indispensable tool, addresses the appropriate use of resources and offers the vision to anticipate future design and construction phases.

Existing Facilities Analysis

A high-quality design is fundamental to the success of a project. It must be built on a thorough understanding of the property and its architectural characteristics, structure, and building systems. We have developed and use an existing facilities evaluation process to renovate structures of all types and functions, whether residential, commercial, or civic.

II. Project Development

Program Development

This essential step helps you articulate a wish list for the project. We produce a written document from interviews, questionnaires, and inventory forms in order to clarify your needs, ideas, and goals for the project.

Code Analysis

It’s our job to navigate the technical language and purpose of building codes to provide efficient and functional solutions for your project. We offer both patience and creativity as we work with local code officials to find innovative solutions to otherwise difficult problems.

Budget Development & Cost Control

Forming a budget will help us maintain transparency and keep your project on track as it develops. As early as possible, we establish an estimated budget with you, which we’ll revisit throughout the building process. The budget may fluctuate, but we will keep you informed so you understand how it may evolve. We’ll also review cost control and other options so that you remain in control. We find it helpful to develop budget constraints and project goals within the architectural context of what is desired, what is possible, and how to proceed if we expect to exceed originally anticipated costs.

Project Scheduling

Scheduling provides organization, transforming projects from an initial vision to a time-based plan. Whether your project requires simple phasing or a complex network analysis, we’ll develop a schedule then advise and assist in its monitoring to ensure that your project progresses smoothly.

III. Schematic Design & Drawings

Our team brings a depth of technical skill and craftsmanship, presented in a variety of rendering formats to help you visualize your project. Ideas, concepts, and goals take form through renderings, models, and schematic drawings that illustrate the scale and appearance of the site, the existing structure (if applicable), and new construction.

IV. Design Development & Construction Documents

At this stage, using the information gained from the early phases of program and site analysis, design, and budget development, we produce technical drawings and other construction documents to acquire the necessary permits and construction bids for the construction of the project.

V. Bidding & Construction Administration

This critical stage brings the project to fruition and form. We help you select a contractor and assist in the bidding and negotiation of construction contracts. During construction, we work side-by-side with you to make certain that every decision is the best and most informed possible and that the design intent of the construction documents is attained.