Carol Vanderbosch

Associate Architect
Project Manager

Carol has been with Blackburn Architects since 2014.

With 4 years of professional architectural experience and a demonstrated track record of outstanding project management abilities, Carol serves as a project manager for our design team, overseeing individual components and design tasks. She specializes in equestrian design and master planning.

“Growing up in the Midwest, my family inspired my choice to become an architect. We were always working on projects: the bathroom, retiling the kitchen, putting in a patio in the backyard. Originally drawn to interior design, I started at Purdue in interior design, then transferred to Syracuse University for architecture. In class I’d ask, ‘can I move these walls?’ and the answer was ‘no, the architect will do that.’ That’s when I knew I wanted to be an architect. I could always do interior design as an architect, but I couldn’t go the other way.”

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Carol Vanderbosch

Associate Architect, Project Manager

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