I read another interesting article in the New York Times on Saturday, December 8th.  The article, “Racetrack Drugs Put Europe Off US Horse Meat” is another in a series of articles the NYT has reported on this subject in recent months and years.  I applaud their efforts to report and raise consciousness on this issue and other stories about the mistreatment and handling of horses.

This story has both a positive and negative outlook.  First, I think it is constructive that the issue is raised and reported.  I hope it has the positive effect of pushing the US racing industry to enforce current anti-doping laws and work to eradicate the use of performance enhancing drugs on horses.  I am encouraged by the decision taken by the European Food Industry as reported in the article.

My only concern is if it does have the positive effect of eliminating performance enhancing drugs in racehorses in the US, the European Food Industry will drop its ban with the result being an increase or resumption of the slaughter of horses in the US for consumption.

Though there could ultimately be a down side to the reduction of drug use, I am pleased at the decision of the European Food Industry and hope the various racing associations in the US take more of an active role in outlawing and enforcing current laws against performance enhancing drugs in the racing industry.