The following article, “Wild Horses Are Running Out of Room, On and Off Range,” appeared in the New York Times on Saturday December 14th, 2012.  Once again, I commend the New York Times for its reporting on the regrettable treatment that horses are subjected to daily by humans.  The article brings attention to a very disturbing situation with our wild horses that roam vast stretches of federal lands of the rural west.  The Bureau of Land Management appears to be engaged in a systematic relocation and destruction of our wild horse population.

The NYT has brought to light many dangers that horses face in the United States: drug use and other abuses at the race track and other equine training and performance facilities (see NYT article, “Sudden Death of Show Pony Clouds Image of Elite Pursuit,” 12/27/12); the selling and transport to slaughter houses (NYT 10/23/11, “Slaughter of Horses Goes On, Just Not in U.S.”); and the situation involving our wild horse population.  It’s not the first article that we have read about this situation and regrettably it will most likely not be the last.  Hopefully, institutions like the New York Times will continue to bring these situations and abuses to the public’s attention and raise consciousness to the abuses that horses are subjected to on a daily basis.

Below are the links for each of the articles I mentioned above.